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Mor Aldenn - Free Fiction!

In celebration of the new Pathfinder Setting from Headless Hydra Games, we have decided to publish a serial, which will (initially) be made freely available on the City of Mages Design Blog.


The serial is called Wizard’s Path and details the life and explorations of a young abjuror called Cellian Varr.

The serial is written by Sean Holland and will, in time, be lavishly illustrated by all the official Mor Aldenn illustrators.

Drop by once every month and read a new chapter of this wonderful story!


The Wanderman

Welcome traveller, to my little Realm in this vast sea of infinite knowledge. My true name is K. Axel Carlsson, a viking, game designer, and, of course, a teacher in the truest sense of the word!

In this humble blog you will find ramblings on anything from my Campaign Setting, Crown, to my life in general.