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Headless Hydra Games is looking for a new idea to a future city setting!

If you think you might have a great (and even original) idea, then head on over to the HHG headquarters and see what you can do to make it happen!


Everybody is welcome to participate in the setting search, even if you just have a cool idea and dont want to write an entire setting bible. Afterall, coming up with a great and original idea is absolutely the hardest part! Writers can always be hired to do the rest of the work.

K. Axel Carlsson
Headless Hydra Games

[I'm really excited about this new project and looking forward to seeing the proposals that people come up with. I'm open for anything, as long as it works as a secluded city setting. If there was one particular idea I was looking for, well, I'm sure I could come up with an idea on my own. Personally, I'm mostly into fantasy settings, but every now and again, I feel myself drawn towards the future, and this is one of those times!]


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