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The Mor Aldenn Update!

It's been a while since I checked in here, but here's a small update concerning Mor Aldenn.

Wizard's Path - Chapter II
The newest installment of Sean Holland's fiction, Wizard's Path is finally here! This time Cellian Varr and her friends visit the Barrowdelve, discover that something is amiss and maybe, just maybe, does the city yet another favor!


The Mor Aldenn Notebook - Expanded!
I've finally released the expanded version of the Mor Aldenn Notebbok, complete with a greyscale map of the city and lots of headlines, oh yeah, and 10 adventure hooks!


The Barrowdelve Map Pack!
For a while now, I've been excited about the maps of newcomer Rene Walk. And by newcomer, I mean of course, new to the cartography world. This map pack gives you 4 full-colour dungeon maps, and 4 greyscale versions of the same maps. It also gives you a very brief introduction to the Barrowdelve. I just hope that you enjoy these maps as much as I do!


The Mor Aldenn Glossary!
I recently got this idea of making a glossary, and not just an online glossary, like the one that you can find at the City of Mages website. No, this had to be a complete glossary, with lots of cool illustrations. It took a while to collect the information, but from thereon it was quite easy. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, and it's free until November 18th!


Thats it for now, but stay tuned for more!

Mor Aldenn - Free Fiction!

In celebration of the new Pathfinder Setting from Headless Hydra Games, we have decided to publish a serial, which will (initially) be made freely available on the City of Mages Design Blog.


The serial is called Wizard’s Path and details the life and explorations of a young abjuror called Cellian Varr.

The serial is written by Sean Holland and will, in time, be lavishly illustrated by all the official Mor Aldenn illustrators.

Drop by once every month and read a new chapter of this wonderful story!

Jumper... short review!

Here's when I realised this movie was bad...well, I knew it was bad within 5 minutes, so really bad, then.

The main character has been taken by the police, with his girlfriend, when he utters the following words... "I don't know this woman! Millie please go to the hotel!"

You see the problem here... it reminds me of Mortal Combat (the movie) where the protagonists are chasing an enemy down a labyrinth, when they suddenly arrive at a cross section. One of the characters then say, "I think he went this way..." and where do he point?

Down a corridor filled with cobwebs, and I dont just mean a few cobwebs in the corner, I mean all over the fu... place!

You see the problem? :)
Headless Hydra Games is looking for a new idea to a future city setting!

If you think you might have a great (and even original) idea, then head on over to the HHG headquarters and see what you can do to make it happen!


Everybody is welcome to participate in the setting search, even if you just have a cool idea and dont want to write an entire setting bible. Afterall, coming up with a great and original idea is absolutely the hardest part! Writers can always be hired to do the rest of the work.

K. Axel Carlsson
Headless Hydra Games

[I'm really excited about this new project and looking forward to seeing the proposals that people come up with. I'm open for anything, as long as it works as a secluded city setting. If there was one particular idea I was looking for, well, I'm sure I could come up with an idea on my own. Personally, I'm mostly into fantasy settings, but every now and again, I feel myself drawn towards the future, and this is one of those times!]

RPGCountDown Experience

Apparently I can't sleep, so I'm just gonna stop trying, at least for now. The apartment's really hot and I've just had a strangely exhilarating experience :) an experience that reminded me a lot like every english exams I've ever taken.

It seems that one of my products, the Mor Aldenn Cartography package, has sold fairly well on RPGNow.com, meaning that it might appear in the RPGCountDown podcast... yeah, that's pretty cool. I received an email from the guy running the show, Ed Healy (great guy) that he wanted a few words about the product, well, a small interview actually.

So, to make a short story even shorter... he calls me in the middle of the night and we make the interview, and wow, am I bad when put in the spotlight? It's quite different standing in front of 18 students speaking english (I'm an english teacher), than doing an interview in english, in the middle of the night, having to answer questions I've never given any thought. :)

So, I guess my final words are this; if you wanna hear me in the RPGCountDown podcast, then go buy the Mor Aldenn maps! :) And don't waste too much time, do it right now before someone else takes my spot in the Top10...

Mor Aldenn - FOR SALE!

I finally got Headless Hydra Games set up on RPGNow... so now you can actually buy my products, which is pretty nice.

Follow this link; http://www.rpgnow.com/index.php?cPath=4974

And not to worry, the products will never be too expensive to buy! There's even a small free product to download - the Mor Aldenn Notebook!

Synecdoche, New York... a review

Even if I knew exactly what this movie was about, I wouldn't tell you. I believe this is art brought to the cinema... amazingly insightful and obscure! If you haven't seen it yet... now's your chance! You won't regret it.


I haven't really used my xbox 360 to its fullest, but then a new game came along, a small game called Damnation!

Its pretty straight forward, very linear... but the graphic is stunning and dark, and then there are all the moves. I guess its sort of "Assassins Creed" meets Steampunk...

Another cover!

I just posted another preview of a Mor Aldenn cover to the Design Blog; http://cityofmages.wordpress.com this one is, like the first cover with the harpies, the work of artist Mario Zuccarello (http://www.zuccarelloartworks.com), a great and easy-to-work-with, artist.

Personally, I think that this illustration is much better than the first one, mostly because of the colouring. However, both covers have turned out better than I could ever have hoped for.

Now I'm just looking forward to the last one, which will, of course, be just as great as the previous two! :)

Mor Aldenn covers!

I've posted a few possible Mor Aldenn covers over at the Design Blog; http://cityofmages.wordpress.com if you want to head on over and take a look.

I'm rather proud of them, but they were done rather quick and may need some minor or major changes, also, a book can only have one cover... I think!

The question is... which one??

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